Clarion Testimonials

To whom it may concern,

Our company Clarion Australia has used AFS over the past 15 years to consult, advise, cost, and manage all of our freight requirements over this period, and will continue to do so as long as possible.

Below is a brief description of the services that are offered to our company by AFS.

We use AFS to distribute our freight throughout every state in Australia (including Tasmania) via road, air freight, bulk and parcel freight .

AFS recommend carriers to each state who can also provide designated SECURITY FREIGHT holding areas for our freight during on forwarding through to destination. Our freight is high value freight and this solution ensures safety and integrity of our product through to customer.

AFS run a comprehensive Customer Service Department that I have found extremely beneficial to our business. This highly responsive team are available at all times by either phone and fax and are all extremely well trained in all aspects of all their our requirements, including track and trace, PODs and other requests if required on specific consignments.

My freight can be reviewed at any time on request which so if I have a different carrier that I am interested in using I can request AFS to check on the carrier and do a benchmarking exercise and compile a report for me on the pros and cons of using that specific carrier, whether it is pricing or ability the to deliver according to strict transit time requirements.

Monthly review meetings provide fully comprehensive reports which include:

These are just some of the reports that are made available on a monthly basis. In addition AFS also provide specific detailed reports for management meetings as well annual review meetings. These reports show trends and analysis of evolving changes in our freight distribution patterns and are extremely useful guiding informed business decisions.

With AFS we are confident that we are getting the best rates possible and the best service for our customers. This enables my staff and I valuable TIME that we don’t have to spend monitoring or chasing freight for our customers.

I would highly recommend AFS to any company big or small that is considering using them.


S. Cooper                                                          

National Warehouse & Distribution Mgr